Third generation jewelers with a passion for jewelry making thats passed down generations

Founded by Randa Tabbah, the daughter of renowned Lebanese jeweler Najib Tabbah, the brand gained acclaim for its unique and award-winning designs.

The trio works together to harness their individual strengths into Randa Tabbah Jewelry.

Our Story

Randa Tabbah Jewelry has been an esteemed name in the world of fine jewelry for over three generations. Established in 1993, the brand quickly distinguished itself through the designer's creative and original designs. Her distinctive creations not only earned her numerous awards but also gracefully solidified her reputation. Randa Tabbah's approach was grounded in the belief that every woman was more than just an individual; she sees each woman as a unique and distinct entity. This perspective inspired her to craft each of her pieces with meticulous care, tailored to enhance the particularity and individuality of the wearer.

What began as a legacy rooted in Beirut, Lebanon, has now embarked on an exciting new journey under the leadership of Randa Tabbah's daughters, Sibylle and Thalie. Building on their mother's rich heritage and their own creative vision, they are shaping the future of the brand with a fresh perspective.

Sibylle N. Majdalani, an accomplished interior architect and product designer, brings her expertise in merging functionality and aesthetics to the forefront of the brand's evolution. Whereas her sister Thalie, a 2D animator, juggles between graphics and management. Their close collaboration redefines the brand's design philosophy where it now embraces versatility and wearability while preserving its signature luxury and craftsmanship.

The trio's new collections showcase a seamless blend of timeless elegance and contemporary aesthetics with acute attention to detail. They create versatile fine jewelry, empowering individual style. Gold, diamonds, and enamel are meticulously showcased, ensuring heirloom quality. Each piece is crafted with enduring quality, destined to be cherished through generations.


Quality and Details

A fusion of legacy, heritage, and collaborative innovation shapes a world where every piece tells a tale of timelessness


At Randa Tabbah Fine Jewelry, we are committed to crafting beauty with a conscience. Our selections are made with careful consideration, partnering with those who align with our values. Our exquisite pieces are not just treasures; they symbolize our dedication to responsible sourcing and ethical standards throughout our creative process.