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A Glimpse into the Heritage: The Story of Randa Tabbah Fine Jewelry

Randa Tabbah Fine Jewelry carries with it the essence of a family’s passion for the art of jewelry making that has flourished over three generations.

The Roots of a Visionary

Founded in 1993 by Randa Tabbah, who was deeply inspired by her father, the renowned Lebanese jeweler Najib Tabbah, the brand quickly rose to prominence. Randa, a visionary in her own right, carved a niche in the world of fine jewelry with her unique and award-winning designs. Her approach to jewelry design went beyond mere aesthetics; she saw each piece as a celebration of the woman who would wear it. This philosophy helped shape a brand that was all about enhancing individuality through bespoke creations.

Legacy of Innovation and Artistry

Randa Tabbah’s pieces are more than just jewels; they are personal statements crafted with meticulous care, designed to highlight the wearer’s unique personality. Her distinctive creations have not only garnered numerous accolades but have also cemented her reputation as a master craftswoman who blends tradition with innovation.


A New Chapter

Today, the stewardship of the brand has passed to Randa’s daughters, Sibylle and Thalie Tabbah, who both bring their unique talents and perspectives to the table. Sibylle, with her background in interior architecture and product design, infuses the collections with a blend of functionality and aesthetic grace. Meanwhile, Thalie’s expertise in 2D animation and graphics brings a fresh dynamism to the brand’s visual storytelling.

Shaping the Future

Under the leadership of Randa, Sibylle, and Thalie, Randa Tabbah Fine Jewelry has embarked on a new journey, embracing both versatility and wearability while staying true to its roots of luxurious, meticulously crafted jewelry. The new collections are a testament to the brand’s evolving design philosophy, showcasing a seamless blend of timeless elegance and contemporary aesthetics.

Each piece of jewelry from Randa Tabbah is a link to the past and a bridge to the future, crafted to be cherished for generations. It is this commitment to quality and the spirit of innovation that ensures the legacy of Randa Tabbah Fine Jewelry continues to shine brightly in the world of fine jewelry.

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The story of Randa Tabbah Jewelry is not just about jewelry; it’s about a family’s devotion to beauty and quality, passed down through generations, continuing to enchant the world one piece at a time.


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